7 tips for comfort camping

When you go camping it is just like prepping or being prepared to be in a survival situation. You need to bring the gear to be comfortable, that is what makes camping more enjoyable/ fun / comfortable. You can take a jacket and a box of matches and go camping, but it sure is more enjoyable when you take some gear with you. By all means take your survival gear and get to know it, your big heavy survival knife. Take your 55o paracord, heck bring as much survival gear as you can. Test it under real conditions, see how it works. But really most of the time having fun is the point of going camping. So I say lets make it more comfortable.

Lets start with totes, they come in many sizes and colors, I buy them at Walmart you can pick your place to get them from. First off do not buy totes that are too massive, first they need to fit in your vehicle, second you will need to be able to pick them up without hurting your self once they are filled with gear. The reason I like the totes is they organize your gear, secondly if you get the type that has a clip down top they can be left outside in the rain and are water tight. They are also critter tight, not bear tight but most critters can not get to the contents. Now that you have the right type and size, make sure you buy only one of each color. If you buy the totes all the same color it sucks to try and keep track of which item was in which tote. So get three different colors, that way when you say it is in the blue tote, there is only one blue tote to look in not three.

Modern tents are quite good for any weather you are likely to run into out there, on our last elk hunt we had almost constant rain for days and a violent thunder storm that lasted half the night one night. The mid grade Walmart tent made it through all of that with only minor worries and no real problems. We did find that with lots of soaking rain the entrance to the tent was a mess and going for a bathroom break in the middle of the night and in the middle of a storm was a little unpleasant. So we built a 5 minute porch, well on a large tent it was more like a deck. We laid a 4’x8′ sheet of plywood down right in front of the tent door. This was a huge luxury to not have to step out into the mud. We were able to use flip flops to make the transition from tent to mud and it was a huge help. So measure the flap in front of your tent door and get a piece of plywood to fits that as long as your vehicle can haul. It is a huge help in wet weather and a welcome addition even in dry conditions.

We spent a lot of time folding up the chairs and hiding them in the tent when it rained and bringing them back out when it stopped. Next time I go camping with a group of people I am taking a portable carport. They are big waterproof and the sides roll up or down as needed, the fire would be right outside the carport and when it rains all you have to do is back up a few feet to stay dry. The structure if flammable so you can’t get the fabric too close to the fire, but a few feet is good. If it gets windy you roll down the walls and you have more comfort almost instantly. The sun comes out your roll up the walls and enjoy the fresh air. It is also a shade for warm summer trips, blocks like 98 percent of the suns rays.

Don’t forget extra clothes that are dry and clean, it is sometimes hard to keep things dry and clean when camping. So those totes and sealed plastic bags come in handy for keeping clothes clean and dry. Shoes as well I like to have a pair of flip flops made of plastic or rubber to transition from indoors to outdoors. Then a dry pair of shoes to wear while your boots are drying by the fire is also a big help.

One of the first chores to set up when you arrive is a clothes line or a tree with lots of dead branches for hanging wet hats and clothes. You don’t want them in a big pile all wet for a week straight, they will never be the same. If you hang them on the line and they get rained on it is almost like washing them. It will also keep the clothes together so they can be found when needed.

Rain is no reason to stop camping, it is just a reason to get under cover and relax till the rain slows down. Of course if you spend the money for some great rain gear you can simply keep doing whatever you came to do, both ways work. Having a 4 wheel drive vehicle is a comfort as well getting out when it is time to go home is important.