All natural insect repellent that works

One of the most unnatural things in the world to do is rub or spray deet on your face, but if you are being attacked by mosquitoes, it seems to be worth it at the time. I can smell and even taste the horrible chemicals in the repellent and wonder why do I use this garbage. Well because I do not want to be bitten by dozens of mosquitoes.

There is a natural alternative that you can customize with different ingredients, to suit your own taste. If the repellent is something you enjoy smelling then it will be a joy for you to use. With all natural ingredients it is not going to harm you and it does really work. Of course some mixtures work better than others. So try a couple different ways to make the repellent and see which one works the best for you.

This type of recipe is desirable for anyone who does not like the idea of rubbing harsh chemicals on their face and exposed areas of skin. As I age I much prefer natural as compared to commercial and chemical concoctions. This is one natural concoction that I gladly put in place of the old bottle of deet in my bug out bag. Click the link below for and in depth guide to making your own version of all natural insect repellent.