Bug out trailer

The solution I can see is a mobile base of operations, or a trailer, a tiny house, any thing that can hold the basics and be towed where I need it to be. Here in Arizona you can drive out into the country side and just take up residence, camp out for 3 weeks at a time. Then all you have to do is move a few hundred feet and start camping again. People actually do this every winter. We call them snow birds, as soon as the snow flies in the North, they head down to the southern parts of Arizona and start camping.

So if we are to be ready for any scenario we had better consider having to leave our homes and hit the road. Living in a trailer is not the end of the world, it is a small price to pay for survival, if it is required. A trailer can be seen as a giant bug out bag, much more room and ability to keep the best of your stuff to be able to survive. Being on the road is very different than hunkering down in your own home. But the trailer or large camper is still something we must consider as an option to stay ready. If we are able to stay in our homes, the trailer can be a second home to invite a friend or person to come join your team and allow them a place to live. As long as they are a benefit to your group the trailer is an opportunity to recruit extra members.

Trying to survive in a world we have never seen before , leaves a lot in the unknown department so the more friends we have around us the better off we are. So again a trailer might be our only means of shelter or an extra place to invite another small group to join us. Never wasted, always used, that is how we will survive. We will utilize what we have, it will not be wasted.