Camping Sequoia National Park

Area: 631 mi

Established: September 25, 1890
The Giant Sequoia trees are one of those things that should be on everyone’s bucket list, they are just a wonder of our world. You would not believe they exists until you stand among them. Make the trek to California to see these amazing giants and cross one off the bucket list. Besides the trees there is great hiking through unbelievable scenery, breath taking views. Lakes that are so clear they do not look real, the mountains are amazing! A must visit for each and every person on our planet, many will miss this one, do not be among them.
7 Great camp sites to choose from, some are first come first served. Others can be reserved.
If you are a canoe or kayak person you can explore the lakes and waterways in the area, they are all no motors allowed.
If you are into climbing sheer rock faces this place is for you with several world class climbing faces.
This place is a hikers paradise with dozens of trails to see amazing trees and cliffs and lakes, amazing.
If horse back riding is your thing, there are day trips available instead of hiking in your self.
You can bring your off road vehicle but it must stay on the roads.
White water rafting and kayaking is available for you adventuresome people, they have class V rapids and others that are much more tame. So something for everyone.
Swimming is there too, of course it will depend one the time of year as most of the time it will be chilly to most visitors.
Check out the reviews they are full of advise about everything from which camps and campsites are best to what type of clothing to bring. Learn from others listen to what they say about making your trip that much better. For more great information click the link below it will take you to the official website with detailed information.