Dehydrate Your Garden

A food dehydrator is another great way to preserve your garden.  If you pick your fruits and vegetables at the peak of ripeness and dehydrate them, they should last until your next crop, or a bout 1 year. So you can extend your garden fresh veggies till your garden produces more. Meats only tend to last 2 or 3 months, so meats are not the best choice for the food dehydrator. Although if you have meat and need to extend its shelf life 3 months is not a failure it is just not as long as fruits and vegetables.

The only items that do not do well in the dehydrator are fats, olives, avocados, fatty meats and the like should be avoided. Just about any fruit or vegetable is good but some veggies need to be blanched. The best way to be ready to use a dehydrator is to follow the instructions in the box or to purchase a good book on the subject. A book can be used for reference anytime it is needed and in general goes into far more detail than any 1 article can online. Here is a good place to start with all the basic info and recipes, just click the link below to learn a lot more about dehydrating your garden.