Honey / the cure to what ails you

My point being that people have always known than honey was a help to treat many things and in some cases a down right cure for others. Yet science still today is claiming surprising new facts about honey. Welcome to the party, it has been going on since man first found honey. Honey is said to help so many different ailments, that it soon starts to sound like snake oil. The stuff they used to sell for 10 cents a bottle back in the 1800’s when there were no rules about what could be in a product or controls over what people claimed about what their product could or would do.

But in case of honey it seems this is truly a natural medicine that rivals or even out does modern medicine in some cases. In all cases honey is natural and super healthy for your body. It is a simple sugar, and it is so simple and so natural you can absorb it through your skin. In hospitals when patients get bed sores that can not be cured there only hope is to apply all natural honey to the wounds, honey is the last best hope for skin ulcers or sores that will not heal. Burns are also healed with honey, the honey is used directly by the skin to help in healing.

There is one warning that comes with honey, we are told we should not give honey to infants under 1 year old because of the risk of botulism. They say because botulism is found in the soil and it might find it’s way into honey. Okay then do you not think dust and dirt will find it’s way into an infants world? Either way it’s seems better safe than sorry when it comes to your babies health and they are 1 year old before we even realize they are growing up.

When I use the word honey I am not referring to the little bottle that looks like a bear at your local grocery store. The honey in commercial stores is sometimes adulterated. Pasteurized, over filtered, heated, sugar and water added. Anything we do to honey except a rough filtering to remove bits of wax and bee parts is not good for the honey. You want 100 percent natural, organic real raw honey made by the bees with nothing at all added or taken away. Then you have the miracle cure.

We have already touched on how honey is a cure for sores that are tough or even impossible for other types of treatments. The next scientifically proven and accepted medicinal use is as a cough suppressant.  People have known and used honey for 1000 years as a cough suppressant and it simply soothes and works as well or better then modern medicine.

Honey has been used as an antibacterial agent forever, science agrees that it can be effective against bacteria like E.coli, salmonella, and certain other bacteria. But science has not proven that honey is effective in the human body. They have only proven honey is effective in a Petri dish so far.

There is also a possible correlation between eating honey from local plants that may help reduce a persons allergic reaction to those plants. So in other words it is possible to reduce or relive your allergies to local plants by eating honey that contains small amounts of their pollen. There are many other claims and many good reasons to include all natural raw honey in our diets. The taste is just awesome and my favorite way to eat it so far is right off the spoon, it has a Carmel like flavor that is so sweet and yummy.