How to remove a splinter

We have all had those annoying splinters in our finger and hands, or less often on our feet. Sometimes these might be thorns as well. Here is an old fashioned trick to get those pesky little splinters and thorns out of our hands and feet without a lot of picking and poking which we know is very unpleasant.

First we need a wide mouth jar, fill the jar with very hot water almost completely full. Just leave a little room at the top because your skin will be sucked down below the rim a little bit. Now push the hand or foot with the splinter in it, tightly over the moth or the jar. This should create some suction, and the heat and steam will help soften the area around the splinter. This in many cases will cause the splinter to come part way out of the wound and then can be easily removed with tweezers or your finger nails.  In tough cases this process may not completely expose the offending splinter but will help greatly in the process to remove it, repeat until the splinter is exposed.