Surviving a Bear Attack

Surviving a bear attack is usually not something that is at the top of their worry list. Bears are rare, and it’s ever more rare to see one in the wild. Most people would be nervous but count themselves lucky for sighting a bear. Me, not so much. I don’t like bears. Or rather, I’m not fond of them. I think they are beautiful majestic animals and are a wild powerful strength to be reckoned with and respected. When in bear country it’s a good idea they say to make noise while hiking, store food in a bear proof container, and or keep it in a tree, far up out of a bear’s reach. Also don’t store food in your camp, and certainly DO NOT keep food in your tent or sleeping bag. Bears have a great sense of smell and they will go after whatever food they can smell and get to. It you happen to be in the way, then you might end up on the menu.

Mark Matheny was attacked by a Grizzly bear in 1992 one early September morning while out hunting. While hiking back to the vehicle after the hunt, he and friend happened upon a mother grizzly and her cubs. Long story short, he was mauled fairly badly, but lived through the ordeal. His friend was also bitten, and survived, a thick coat protected him from more severe injuries. Pepper spray had saved them from near certain death. Mark went on to start a company called UDAP who now sells a specially formulated Bear Spray, made specifically for deterring bears. Read Mark Matheny’s story here.


Bear Attack Mark’s True Story of Survival with pepper spray- Real attack photo – Bear Attack story form Discovery’s How to Survive Program. The demonstration of Bear spray and reenactment of Mark Matheny’s Bear Attack is included.

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