To thrive first you must survive

We all want to thrive in our life, we want to happy, we want to have plenty, we want to be safe and warm and dry. No one plans to be in the mud eating bugs as their end dream. But in order to have plenty and be comfortable, first you have to live long enough to achieve that. First you have to be prepared to weather any storm that comes along. That is what we are preparing for. We are prepping to get us through that hard time when we have to hunker down and just survive. That will allow us to become comfortable and enable us to thrive. What are we preparing to survive? We don’t know so those of us that are more determined or less sure of the future. We prepare to a higher or more extreme level. We are not prepping because we want to see the world go down the toilet, we prepare because we want to live through it if it does happen. We are not preparing so we can live in the shadows eating out of garbage cans unseen and hidden forever. We want what you want, we want to thrive and comfortable, no matter what is thrown in our way.

So being a survivalist means living long enough to prosper, it means having enough stored away to be alive when things start to get back to normal or whatever the new normal is. Having the skills to be healthy long past what most can endure, without these skills. All to the same end, to be ready to be normal and happy when and as long as that is possible, and then as soon as it is possible again.

So if you say I don’t just want to survive, you are the same as a survivor. We are just are prepared to survive long enough to thrive. Don’t feel we are separated by a basic difference, I think we are basically the same. However if something does go terribly wrong and you are still unprepared we will not be the same for long. You will simply lose the possibility of living long enough to prosper again. To say I want to thrive and not be willing to be prepared to survive first, well it seems unless things all go your way you just won’t be around long enough to thrive. But on the other hand you can thrive right now, our economy has been n a slump for so long it seems normal now. Many are thriving in business, and it seems some believe there is no real end to our steady dependable position in society. I personally see far too many ways for things to go wrong, not be ready just in case. That is your choice though, I have made mine, I will be a hard target. Hard to starve out, hard to attack, hard to scare, even hard to find. If you do find us with bad intentions, you will also find we leave a bad taste in your mouth. We are ready to survive, but we are also ready to thrive. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best, words to live and thrive by.