You will have to be the ER doctor / are you ready?

So if something does go wrong and you and your people are still here, and someone gets hurt really bad? What will you do? It is up to you now you can’t just call 911 and wait for help to get there. You must act you must do something. Well it is time to learn about what and when to do it. Skin trauma, can be road rash, a sever cut from a knife. Gun shot that passes through the fleshy part of the body. Any injury to the flesh, this is a good place to start. The very first consideration is bleeding, you must stop the bleeding. Right now you need to apply pressure, pressure will slow or stop bleeding in many cases. Wrap the wound with a bandage, again you will use what you have, some sort of clean cloth. Use your hands to apply pressure, then wrap with tape or more cloth to keep pressure applied. At some point with immobilized use of the area the blood should stop.

Tourniquets, a tourniquet is just another way to apply even more pressure. The tourniquet is better suited to arterial or heavy bleeding that is hard to control with normal pressure. To make a tourniquet fold some cloth to a inch or inch and a half wide, a belt like piece of material, you ties this around the limb between the wound and the heart. That would be above the knee if the injury was high on the calf. You want to be fairly close to the wound. You do not use a tourniquet on the thigh if you have a wound on the foot, the tourniquet goes on the calf. Now tie a second knot around a stiff fairly straight something. Like a piece of pipe, stick, anything that can be used to twist the bandage tighter and tighter. Once the bleeding stops or slows significantly, you can tape or tie it in position. Apply general pressure directly to the wound again to stop the lesser bleeding.

Open wounds must be clean, you do not want to leave any dirt or foreign particles in the wound. So you must clean the wound, you will use what is available. Warm soapy water and a clean rag, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, or a torn piece of a shirt and a bottle of cold water. Like I said you will use what is there, if you have a few basic items to boil the water and rinse out the cloth well that is better. Get the wound clean.

Now to a bandage, clean cloth, white is best but again you will use what it available. Things you should have around to dress a wound are sugar and honey. These things go a long way towards healing a wound. Pour raw natural honey on the wound and cover with sugar, wrap with clean bandages. Change and repeat daily, keep the limb elevated above the heart as much as possible. Immobilize the injured part of the body as best you can. Again if all you have is powdered sugar you will use that. Do what you can with what you have, strive to have the knowledge to use what you have and try to keep everything you will need it your pantry to be a survivor.